A new challenge: some kind of exercise (nearly) every day

I’ve been trying to exercise every day this week, even if it’s only a ten minute yoga video at home. I hadn't exercised much lately and I felt my mood dipping as a result. This is how I got on this week: Monday: yoga video on lower back pain Tuesday: gym in the morning, 45 … Continue reading A new challenge: some kind of exercise (nearly) every day


Loops of memory

I recently read the Derren Brown book Happy, which included some intriguing quotes from Douglas Hofstadter’s book I am a Strange Loop, prompting me to loan it from the local library. I’m now about a quarter of the way through. Both books have pushed me to start thinking about philosophy in ways I hadn’t previously … Continue reading Loops of memory

Going home

Recently, I had a worried conversation with my Canadian, reliant-on-a-work-visa partner. He works in academia, already intensely competitive, and possibly soon to be chronically under-resourced. Getting a job here if you’re from outside the EU has already become more difficult in recent years, and with the recent hateful headlines from our home secretary and PM, … Continue reading Going home