Week five: exercising (nearly) every day: vulnerable yoga videos and insomnia

Another tough week this week, mainly because I had a few busy evenings and a lot of insomnia. I definitely need to mix it up some more this week, to stop myself getting bored.

This was my week:

Monday: Yoga for loneliness video

Tuesday: Yoga for risk takers video

Wednesday: Nothing

Thursday: Nothing

Friday: Sunrise yoga video

Saturday: Bedtime yoga video

Sunday: 45 minute body combat class, followed by yoga video for lower back love

Oof. The yoga for loneliness video on Monday was emotionally very, very tough. I’ve had a lot on my mind this week, lots of change and uncertainty around the future and the present, both at work and at home. I thought this yoga video would help me feel supported and it did in the end, but the first five minutes lying down while Adriene, the yoga teacher, talked about loneliness, I just had tears flowing endlessly into my hair and ears. I won’t be doing that video again for a while, it was good but too emotionally raw for me.

The risk takers video was better, although still some vulnerability there. Wednesday and Thursday I was out until late in the evenings, and didn’t get up in time to do yoga in the morning because I’d slept so badly. It’s been taking me about an hour to get to sleep, and then waking up about 4am for a while too, so I’ve been pretty tired. The bedtime yoga video on Saturday was partly to combat that, try and quiet my mind before going to bed, and it helped a little. Unfortunately I was thwarted by the people next door who were having a very loud party, which woke my mind back up with thoughts of shouting out of the window or calling the police to get them to shut up.

Back to body combat on Sunday, which was a struggle after two weeks off, especially as it was all new tracks! I was pretty destroyed by the end of it, and clearly overdid something to do with my lower back, as it’s been sore ever since – despite doing a lower back love yoga video when I got home. I love the class but it starts at 9.30am on a Sunday morning and it is difficult to get myself up to go, especially when sleep during the week has been poor and I need to catch up.

Aim for this week is to get up early one or two mornings and get to the gym before work. The yoga classes are great but I’d like to change the routine a bit, and get back into doing some weights. My gym gets extremely busy, so 6.30am when it opens is about the only time of day you’ll have a clear path to a bench and a choice of weights: any other time it’s full of lads grunting and stretching everywhere. I’d also like to get into swimming, but I still haven’t got round to buying a new swimming costume – the sizing is obscure, and as someone who seems to need different sizes for bust, waist and hips, I’m not quite sure how it’s going to work. Although I’m not exercising to lose weight, and wouldn’t know if I did lose weight as the battery for my scales has died and I refuse to spend £7 on another fancy battery for it, I would like to do some more high energy exercise. Some yoga is tough but I do have a habit of choosing easier sounding videos for myself! The way my body reacted to going back to body combat made me realise I need to be doing more to get a little fitter.

The 2019 summer of sport continues: on Sunday half the UK seemed to be switching channels between the Wimbledon men’s final, the men’s Cricket World Cup, the Formula One race at Silverstone and the women’s Netball World Cup. Unfortunately these are all sports that I’ve never been able to play with any degree of skill – I had one tennis lesson at school which was dreadful, we played some version of cricket at primary school which was basically just rounders (and I was crap), I’ve always been terrible at netball and Formula One – well my driving skills aren’t great either. I’d love to feel inspired by it all but often it makes me feel a bit tired. The women’s football did make me think I’d like to learn to play, which as far as I remember I never did, and I’ve thought of being inspired by Megan Rapinoe enough to join the football team at work (for more on Rapinoe, see my other recent blog here). But for now I’m a bit too intimidated; I don’t want to ruin it for everyone by being absolutely shocking. Maybe there’s a league somewhere for 30-something year old women who’ve never played football and want to learn?! Or maybe… I should just buy a swimming costume and do that instead.

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