Week three: exercising (nearly) every day challenge

Still (mostly) keeping this challenge going – doing some kind of exercise each day, even just a quick yoga video. The yoga has dropped off the last couple of days as I’m on a family holiday, and the only place with enough room to do yoga is a hallway people constantly wander through. This was my week:

Monday: Respect & Replenish yoga video

Tuesday: Yoga for mood swings video (SO GOOD)

Wednesday: Yoga for neck and shoulder relief video

Thursday: Nothing, not even physio ankle exercises – whoops. I had a hospital appointment first thing, saw a friend for dinner after work, and was too tired by the time I got in to do anything

Friday: Morning: sunrise yoga video. Afternoon: three mile hike with Dad and brother

Saturday: Four mile hike

Sunday: Four mile hike

I particularly enjoyed the sunrise yoga video this week. Quite quiet and simple routine, but a really lovely and still start to the day.

The walks on holiday (I’m in Somerset) have been really nice, the weather has been great. Saturday it was a little too warm for me to be comfortable – I was carrying a backpack with water etc too, and by the time we reached the pub for lunch I’d sweated through my vest top in any number of places – prompting an “Oh, Chloe – !” from my mother, because, of course, women shouldn’t sweat. Stylist magazine did a great article this week on how women do, definitely, sweat, which I found very reassuring. I’ve never found a deodorant/anti-perspirant (what’s the difference?) that actually stops me sweating, and to be honest I don’t know if they’re even supposed to – is it possible for something on the surface of your skin to stop your sweat glands working?! Do you actually want them to stop you sweating? After all it’s your body’s way of cooling you down. The Stylist article did recommend one or two that “work” – but I wasn’t clear if that meant they keep you dry, or keep you smelling reasonable. I bought a Sure 72h ULTIMATE FRESH spray after reading the article, and it does still smell nice, but absolutely does not stop me sweating. Oh well. I’ve planned around my sweatiness now, and bought a bunch of sleeveless tops and dresses to get me through work in the summer months (where I’m boiling when I arrive, then very quickly freezing because of overenthusiastic air conditioning).

It annoys me that doing that is necessary, but most of my clothes don’t allow room, and therefore I sweat through them. Why do women’s clothes manufacturers insist on making t-shirts that sit right up in your armpit? Of course they’re going to be sodden as soon as you’ve walked up a couple of flights of stairs, or had a nervous conversation with your boss. Give women room under the arms, clothes people!

One possible benefit to this exercise is with my period. I read in Eat Sweat Play that exercise can improve PMS and period pains, and certainly I’ve had no PMS this month, and so far it’s not too painful either. Hardly very scientific, especially as I have the contraceptive arm implant so my periods apparently aren’t “real” periods. I have had bad mood swings before it the last couple of months though – two months ago I was very down in the week leading up to it, and last month anxiety was on a high. So if exercise can help with all that, great.

I must say that having the women’s football world cup on has helped with motivation too – loving seeing these strong women playing great sport! Looking forward to seeing who wins… can anyone beat the USA?!

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