Week two: exercising (nearly) every day challenge

This is my second week of trying to do some exercise every day, even if it’s only a quick YouTube yoga video at home. I’m happy to say it’s becoming more of a routine. This was my week:

Monday: Yoga video: Abs, Arms and Attitude!

Tuesday: Yoga for when you’re in a bad mood

Wednesday: Yoga to reset your head and heart

Thursday: Only physio exercises for ankle – I got home late because of a work thing. I was going to get up early and do something in the morning but I was had woken up too early the night before due to a presentation, so I decided to sleep more instead

Friday: Yoga for flexibility

Saturday: An unplanned power walk to my support group, and then an hour of traipsing round Westfield shopping centre, after which I really needed this yoga video: Yoga for your feet!

Sunday: 45 minute body combat class, followed by 45 minute deep yoga stretch video

The yoga videos differ in both length and intensity, so it’s nice and easy to adjust what you’re going to do depending on how you feel. The abs and arms one was very hard work, while the one to reset head and heart was a little more relaxing – although they all require strength and concentration to do well.

I’m really enjoying deciding which one to do. I’m doing them straight after I get home from work, as a good bridge between the work day and the evening. It forces me to think about my mood and my body: what part of me needs support today? There are so many for so many different issues, mental and physical, that you can be quite prescriptive in what you want to address. I’ve done the bad mood yoga video twice – both times I’ve come in from work feeling angry and frustrated, and instead of having a beer or watching Great British Bake Off reruns to relax, I’m opting to do some yoga to process things (and then have a beer or watch Bake Off). This week, I was so full of frustration that in the first pose, child’s pose, I began to cry and had the odd sensation of tears falling into my eyebrows and running down my forehead, as I was almost upside down. It certainly took my mind off things!

My anxiety has been more manageable this week too, despite having two presentations to give, which always make me nervous. It’s felt good not to have the nerves taking up too much headspace. I woke up too early one morning from nerves, but the anxiety hasn’t taken up the whole week and otherwise I’ve been sleeping very well. Good sleep has been far from normal for me previously, so this is a welcome change – although I think I’m going to have to stop reading Elena Ferrante’s passion and drama-filled books right before bed, as they’re giving me very intense dreams.

From next Friday I’m on holiday with my parents, so the yoga routine may be more difficult to sustain without a quiet living room and with people wandering in and out a good deal. There should be a lot of walking and hiking instead – either way I’ll do my best to keep the exercise up!

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