A new challenge: some kind of exercise (nearly) every day

I’ve been trying to exercise every day this week, even if it’s only a ten minute yoga video at home. I hadn’t exercised much lately and I felt my mood dipping as a result.

This is how I got on this week:

Monday: yoga video on lower back pain

Tuesday: gym in the morning, 45 minute yoga stretch video in evening

Wednesday: yoga video, theme: yoga to feel your best!

Thursday: yoga videos on self-doubt and confidence

Friday: yoga video for when you’re in a bad mood

Saturday: nothing except ankle physio exercises (not beating myself up about missing a day; I needed solitude and stillness more than movement)

Sunday: body combat exercise class, then half an hour of yoga stretches

I’ve been very anxious this week and haven’t noticed the exercise helping with it much, except that on Saturday when I started feeling emotional about something, I took a deep breath and was amazed at what a difference it made. It felt deeper, like I was using my lungs more efficiently than I had before, and I instantly felt calmer.

I twisted my ankle at the end of last year and have been very intermittent with doing the exercises. I’ve done them every day this week, and that in addition to the balance needed for some yoga moves and for body combat, has definitely made a difference already.

I hope I manage to keep it up. It feels good to be using my body more and I feel more confident in how I look as a result. Fingers crossed those changes will soon lead to less anxiety too.

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