Happy Bi Visibility Week!

What is Bi Visibility Week? Bi Visibility Week runs from the 16th September to 23rd September. This is a week to celebrate all the bisexuals in the LGBTQ+ community. Why is it Bi Visibility Week? It is a common issue among bisexuals that they feel their sexuality is invisible. Society tends to judge a person's … Continue reading Happy Bi Visibility Week!


Have you lost track of how long you’ve been on lockdown yet? I have. I’m guessing it’s about a month. Long enough that I have new routines, new habits, new expectations of what I get out of each day. I’m lucky that I’m still working, both because I’m keeping my salary and because it means … Continue reading Panic

Brexit Day

Four years ago, I wrote a blog about “home”. About what home means, especially when your family home is in another country to your partner’s, but also what it means when your home country stops feeling like home to you. Since then, things haven’t exactly improved. Any lingering hope that the utter stupidity that is … Continue reading Brexit Day

Week five: exercising (nearly) every day: vulnerable yoga videos and insomnia

Another tough week this week, mainly because I had a few busy evenings and a lot of insomnia. I definitely need to mix it up some more this week, to stop myself getting bored. This was my week: Monday: Yoga for loneliness video Tuesday: Yoga for risk takers video Wednesday: Nothing Thursday: Nothing Friday: Sunrise … Continue reading Week five: exercising (nearly) every day: vulnerable yoga videos and insomnia